Greenbay Packers beat Cowboys

In the first half of the match the Greenbay Packers were down and looked as though they were out but no in the second half the packers managed to win by 37-36 in a amazing game of football which you dont see often.

The packers managed to do the unimaginable by scoring touchdowns in all five of their second half possessions thanks largely due to there quarterback Matt flynn.

In this game it wasnt as though the cowboys were playing badly as they managed to break records in the first half with 332 in the first half putting them in the lead by 23 points. At half time the Cowboys were winning by 26-3 and it looked as though the packers were going to be humiliated in the next half.

It was a really tight game, even in the last eight minutes fans didn’t know who was going to win as the Cowboys managed to grab a 12 point lead after a super touchdown from Dez Bryant.

But it was a few mistakes near the end of the match by the cowboys that meant it was the packers who won and not them. Tony Romo with a really bad pass to Miles Austin meant that in the final minutes of the games Sam shields was able to then make sure that the Packers get the win.

There was a last chance for the cowboys to snatch it back at the very end but Romo also mucked up again with his next interception he could not deliver the ball over to Cole Beasley which put the last nail in the coffin for the Cowboys.

Romo may have lost it for the Cowboys… Romo with the first interception could have played the ball to Miles Austin however the packers put pressure on Romo, which made him crumble and produce such a poor throw. He didn’t have to pass to Miles Austin when he did he could still have did a run-pass trow instead but maybe the pressure mucked up his decision making process.

Despite the fight the Cowboys put up in this football game it wasn’t enough. The cowboys are on the brink of early elimination.

The Packers however are as strong as ever thanks to Flynn delivering as expected. The great quarterback really did show off his talent in this game after five very impressive touchdown one after another.

-2 players in the game were injured which were Justin Durant from the Cowboy team and Johnny Jolly from the Packers.

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