Seahawks Richard Sherman is fined $7, 875 for being a bad sport

Richard Sherman cornerback for the Seahawks has been reported to be fined $7, 875 for his unsportsmen like behavior in the last game against the Seahawks and the 49ers that put the seahawks side into the Superbowl. The behavior that has led Richard Sherman to be fined is when Sherman supposedly mocked a 49er player after a game deciding interception which happened when Sherman deflected the pass and then was intercepted as a result of a bad pass from Micheal Crabtrees. Sherman after the interception ran over to the San Fransisco player and offered him a “mocking” handshake which Crabtree responded by shoving Sherman in the face. In another incident that led to officials penalizing Sherman, Sherman was seen making another mocking “choke” gesture over to Colin Kaepernick the quarterback to the 49ers. Sherman is yet to say anything about the fine. Football fans only hope that these unsportsman like antics do not ruin the SuperBowl on Super Sunday against the Broncos, a reason for the heavy fine may have just been a message to Sherman that antics like these will not be tolerated especially in the finals!

After the game Sherman later “ranted” on national tleviosn about Crabtree wich did not come across as great for Sherman… with some now calling him a thug, however this fine is said to be unconnected with the interview off the field.

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  1. So crabtree can shove people in the face and get away with it… hmmm it looks to me as though some officials really dont want seahawks to win games.

  2. I hope that the seahawks loose the superbowl! Never did like Sherman just a really annoying player who doesn’t really do much and just likes mocking other players even though he isnt the one who caused the other team to do the mistake….

  3. There is something called a bad winner you know and Sherman is just one of those! The 49ers were just really unlucky in that game and should really be the ones in the superbowl I think.

  4. I dont think this team has it in them to win in the superbowl…. they are to full of them selves to work as a team and are all about themselves and their own glory to win the superbowl!!!

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