Zach Miller sustains horrific leg injury

After sustaining a horrific injury on Sunday Zach Miller surgeons have been working to save his leg and will remain in hospital following emergency surgery to repair a torn popliteal artery in his left leg.

With such a sever leg injury amputation can be considered.

“I think that’s always a concern,” coach John Fox said when asked about amputation. “Our medical people did a great job as far as getting him there; they realized the problem immediately.

“Obviously, with any kind of vascular issue, you don’t want altitude, you don’t want people flying around. He’ll have to remain still there for some time. He won’t be coming back to Chicago any time real soon.”

The injury occurred during the third quarter as the Chicago Bears Zach went to catch the ball in Sunday’s game against New Orleans Saints. After making an over-the-shoulder catch on a throw from rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky Zach Miller fell awkwardly on his leg bending it severely.

Despit making the catch in the end zone officials concluded that the catch didn’t count as a touch down adding insult to injury. Not only did the Chicago Bears also lose a good player but they also lost the game 12-20 to New Orleans Saints.

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