Seahawks win the SuperBowl


The Superbowl 2014 was a very one sided game dominated by the Seahawks as the Broncos failed to make any ground and score any points.

It seems that the best offense is the best defense as the Seattle Seahawks take on the almighty Denver Broncos and win! It was a shocking game as the Seahwaks annihilated the Broncos, the final score stood at 43 – 8, the Broncos were humiliated in New york.

The Broncos a started off the game poorly with a safety bad throw to manning which went over him taking the ball back in the N zone giving the Seahawks a 2 point lead even before the Seahawks even touched the ball. It was not a good game for the Broncos with poor throws from manning being intercepted and with the Broncos unable to make any yards meant that with the Broncos lacking a good defense the Seahawks could then manage to pick up yards of their own. It has got to be said though that this safety could not have been stopped by Manning… so you carnt blame him for that one. Manny Ramirez also said that it was his mistake after the game that it happened because the team was going for “cadence” and thought he heard Manning call and so he snapped the ball.

The offensive line of the Broncos couldn’t cope with the quick reflexes of the Seahawks who were on the the Broncos receivers like hawks.

Manning mania was crushed as well as Manning had a terrible game with two interceptions of his throws and with going 34-of-49 for 280 yards it wasn’t Manning’s best. With poor decisions and throws that he shouldn’t have made resulted in interceptions and touchdowns.

Instead of manning making the record books for all the right reasons manning instead has secured his name in the record books for all the wrong reasons as he is now the quarterback with the most most career playoff losses ever.

On the Seahawks side everyone was playing at their best for example Marshawn Lynch manged to get 39 yards and a touchdown all with only getting the ball 15 times in the game.

The rather shocking play from the Broncos may have overshadowed the Seahawks win… after all the sea hawks played really well and have never won a Superbowl before!

One of the more humorous notes of this Superbowl was at the beginning of the game at the coin toss Joe Namath a old former quarterback for the New york jets was given the honor of tossing the coin however he tossed it too soon before the Seahawks could call whether they wanted head or tails fortunately the referee stepped in just in time to catch the coin.. giving the Seahawks a chance to choose.

Why did the Broncos play so badly? The Broncos had so much hype and were surely going to win… but hype does win the games ans maybe the pressure got to them, and with so much attention on manning the rest of the team may have just put it all on him… not even the best can win a Superbowl single handily.

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Smith's touchdown
Smith managed a easy touchdown as the Broncos defense was rubbish

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  1. I know it is the Superbowl and all but they really need to stop with all the advertisements! It totally ruins everything…. But as far as the match goes.. who would have predicted that one… totally awesome! I knew it was gonna be a good one right at the start with the fluffed the ball over manning.

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