Super Bowl 2014 highlights

It was a monumental game for the Seahawks but for the Broncos it was a disaster. The Seahawks destroyed the Bronco side (The Broncos were favorite to win) the score at the end of the Super Bowl was 43 – 8.

So what happened?

2-0 to the Seahawks
Seahawks gained an easy early lead off the mistake of the Broncos as Manny Ramirez  snapped the ball over manning causing a humiliating safety as the ball fell into the end zone.

If Knowshon Moreno did not jump on the ball we could have seen a touchdown here!


When Seattle received the ball from a free kick from Denver pushed through the weak Broncos defense in a 51 yard drive. Percy Harvin managed to grab 30 yards he was eventually pushed out of bounds but the damage was already done.  The drive was then ended with a 31-yard field goal made by Hauschka that gave the seahawks more points on the scoreboard and more importantly more confidence… the score stood at 5-0 to the Seahawks. Who said that the Sea hawks couldn’t play offensively as well?

The Denver side couldn’t move and the seahawks managed to cause a three and out on the Bronocs second offensive possession. With the ball back in the Seahawks hands yet again with a 13-play, 58-yard drive. Doug Baldwin managed a 37 yard drive from the left sideline this gave the seahawks a prime position to nail some more points on the score board.. which they did with a field goal from Hauschka again.

The Seahawks would then score more points not with there offense but by using there strong defense to make an interception from a bad throw which the Seahawks pressured him into made by manning which went over Julius Thomas straight to Kam Chancellor.
Being in such a strong position at the 31 yard line the Seahawks managed to beat the Broncos back all the way to the 1 yard line then Marshawn Lynch marched into the end zone giving the Seahawks the first touchdown of the Superbowl!

With three quarters yet to play the Broncos really needed to buck up their game and get some points… Otherwise at this rate it would be humiliating.

The Broncos managed to get a first down in the second quarter and things were looking up… but this was short lived as the Broncos started making some ground manning had another interception caught by Malcolm Smith who then went all the way with a touch down, play which you dont see everyday.

It is was now the second half and the Bronocs were really starting to trail behind. Matt Prater kicked the ball hitting it to Harvin who went for a 87 yard touchdown.. the receiver had a clear run and the Broncos couldn’t do anything about it!

The Broncos slipped up again as they had the ball but lost it in a turnover as Demaryius Thomas mucked up in Seattles side of the pitch. Byron Maxwell punched the ball out and it was linebacker Smith who managed to pick up the fumble giving the ball back to Seattle. This then led the Seahawks to drive to the 23-yard from their own 42-yard line as the Broncos watched helplesly. Jermaine Kearse then received the ball and broke past the Bronocs weak defense giving the seahawks yet another touchdown… the score now was at 36-0 to the Seahawks!

At the end of the third quarter the Broncos finally managed to get something on the board with a touch down and a conversion to go along with it from Wes Welker. It came when manning threw to Demaryius Thomas who made a 14 yard touch down. Making it 36-8 but the Brinocs still had a long way to go.

The Seahawks wouldn’t let the Broncos celebrate to long with 48 yards on five plays giving the Seahawks the ground they needed for Wilson to give to Doug to make a 10 yard touchdown pass which would end the game at 43-8!

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