What would you do if you owned your own football League?

*For a bit of fun!

It is a fans dream of owning their own football team let alone a whole league. With the power to change the rules to make football better what changes would you make American football if you owned your own league? How would you make football better than it already is? How would you compete against other football leagues to ensure yours was the best and the one that everybody wanted to watch? Share your thoughts on the rules, the structure of the league, how you would draft players, what city’s your league would set up in, and how your football league would differ from all the rest or anything else that makes a football league a good one in the comments below!

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  1. First thing I would do considering the Nfl is just one big advert now I would reduce adverts by 90% (obviously being sensible all leagues must make money so the remaining 10% will do just that) but I would make sure that the ad do not interrupt the football at all
    only non intrusive billboard ads on the sidelines. this would also easily make the league more competitive against the other because it would then make it easier and better to watch and the game wouldn’t be stopping for ad breaks every 5 minutes.
    I would also make it so that hit zones on tackles are bigger so that players dont have to worry about getting penalized just for making a safe tackle.

  2. Id actually make sure my league played in the spring and summer were America is totally starved of football… competing against the nfl and college football if you are a new league just setting up and without fans is not a wise decision, I think that is were the UFL went a bit wrong and why it went under like it did not because it wasn’t any good but because it was on when other more popular football was on at the same time.

  3. I’d like to go into the most ambitious direction, depending on how the future (college) games held at speedways are viewed by fans. If the atmosphere turns out good, then short-track NASCAR and Indy speedways- maybe Churchill Downs- could host professional teams or special bowls.

    I’d like to relegate bad teams to an arena league. I’d like a Premier League-style “table”, rather than playoffs, so that all the teams play just as many games.

    On the field, I’d like some CFL-style punting rules. A halo, the single point, rather than a touchback, and a wider field. Punt returns could actually be plays, then.

    I’d like any community football club to be allowed to work it’s way up through the promotion system up to the top-tier league, just like in Europe.

    At last, I’d want to start with a team in Mexico City. Non-NFL leagues have a bad habit of starting in towns that are too small. I’d go for some of the biggest towns in North America.

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