Who will take Mack Brown’s place?

Mack brown head coach for the Texas Longhorns will be resigning after a long career with the Longhorns. How about Mike grundy to be the next coach after all he did lead the cowboys to a record of 77-37.

Who will take the place of Mack Brown next football season?

Mike Gundy

You can count out Nick Saban to be the next Longhorn coach after he got a rather huge and lucrative extension on his coaching contract with his Alabama side.

The 49ers head coach will also not be trying to get the Longhorn head coach job either after Jim Harbrough publicly said he didn’t want to be head coach for the cowboys.

So who will take the place of Mack brown? Who will be good enough to fill the boots of mack brown and keep the Longhorns going strong? Well lets just have a look at some of the potential candidates that could take his place and why…

Mike Gundy, looks like a favorable choice the Oklahoma coach knows the Longhorns rather well, but is he as good as the other coaches out there?

James Franklin is among one of the favorites to be picked he has a good track record of delivering wins when they count. He is good with developing strong quarterbacks. He has been successful in once turning the once weak side Commodores around as soon as he got there. Currently he is coaching the Vanderbilt side… will he be coaching the Longhorns soon?

Jimbo Fisher did a really good job at helping rebuild the failing Seminoles side making turning them from a loosing side to one to beat. Fisher will know what it needs to come into a team and can really shake things up for the better.

Todd graham may switch jobs just about every other day it seems but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a good coach. He has a really good record as being a good defensive coach and knows Texas quite well as he was formally the Sun devils athletic director.

Art Biles is currently the head coach for the Baylor side. He knows his stuff when it comes to quarterbacks and his offense tactic may just be what the Longhorns need to win games without Mack Brown around. Art Biles maybe one of the strongest contenders for the Texas side head coach job he has a very good record of developing teams and players into winners for Kevin Kolb, and Robert Griffen III, he knows Texas and is proven to deliver.

The descion of who will be picked will go mostly on how who is coaching the best this football season!

Who do you think will take the job at Texas?

What do you think?

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  1. It really is a shame that mack brown leaving Texas longhorns. He did the longhorns proud and managed to achieve so much for them! I think he has actually been with the team for 16 years or something… that is quite a long time for a coach in American football!

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