Aaron Rodgers will not play on Sunday against the Cowboys

Aaron rogers injured his collar bone earlier this season putting him out of play for many matches he has been recovering for several weeks however he still look as though he wont be playing against the cowboys!

Aaron Rogers despite optimism will not be playing against the cowboys in the upcoming match between the Green bay Packers and the Cowboys on Sunday. Mike McCarthy who is head coach for the Green bay packers has spoken out about this decision saying how difficult the decision was but after speaking to the team doctor, McCarthy took the decision not to run the risk of using Aaron Rogers on Sunday as it was the right decision.

Matt Flynn will instead play as quarterback for the Green bay  Packers on Sunday.

You could really tell how on edge and disappointed McCarthy was with the decision but he stood by the fact that it was the best thing to do in the long run both for the team and for Aaron rogers.

Currently the packers stand at 6-6-1 at it is quite obvious that with so many injuries effecting the team this season that the Green bay Packers are really hanging on rather than competing in the competition.

Eddie lacy however who was injured will be playing against the cowboys though which give some relief to the weak Packer’s side.

The chances of the Green bay Packers making the play offs this football season are very slim and many Green bay Packer fans have resided to the fact the their team are not going to win much this season and feel that McCarthy has made the right decision not playing him as pushing him back in play to earlier could cause the injury to get worse further damaging their best player and hope next season as well.

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