Broncos playing in orange at Superbowl

The Broncos, will be playing in their orange home jerseys in the super bowl it has been announced. It will be a real super match on super Sunday were if you have been living in a cave for the whole NFL season the Broncos will go up against the Seahawks. In this anticipated match against two legendary and very different football side the Broncos who are all about offense with their star quarterback Peyton Manning, will be up against the Seahawks who are all about defensive play and crumbling the opposite side.

The SuperBowl game will be held in New Jersey at the  MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford on Sunday the 2nd of February!

The Broncos have had such a great season and Peyton Manning has never played as strong… In their last game against the patriots the Denver side managed to beat the patriots 16-26! The Seahwaks in their last match defended well and held back the strong 49ers who were the favorites to win that game.

The Superbowl really will be a clash of the titans but we already know who will be the star of the game though Peyton Manning, who has shown skill, talent and determination through out the whole season.. even if the Broncos do loose the Superbowl Peyton Manning has won the respect of many football fans and has made a name in the list of top ever quarterbacks!

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  1. I am glad that the Bronocos will be playing in orange… makes the win even better! ahah I think that the seahawks dont have the offensive to win back points when the Broncos get them and they will trail behind and will not be able to catch up.

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