Aaron Rodgers still out for game against Steelers

Many packers fans were waiting eagerly on the news as to whether their star quarterback will be able to play against the Pittsburgh Steelers however the packer fans will be sadly disappointed with the news that McCarthy has just announced.

Aaron Rodgers still will not be playing for the packers yet again. Aaron Rodgers is said to be out for the packers game against the Steelers today that means that Aaron Rodgers has missed 7 weeks in a row! Aaron Rodgers is one of the packers greatest quart backs and him missing so many football games this season has really effected the packers. McCarthy made the announcement saying that Aaron Rodgers is still not fit enough to play. It is quite clear that the packers do not want to run the risk of sending Aaron Rodgers out when he is not fully recovered. Aaron Rodgers has been suffering from a fractured collar bone that he got way back on Novermber 7th. Taking his place yet again Matt Flynn who has now been the main player for the packers for 4 straight games. If it wasn’t for Matt Flynn having a good season and filling the void that Aaron Rodgers left then the packers really would be in a whole heap on trouble.

Aaron Rodgers will be quite annoyed of watvhing the game from the sidelines as he was eager to play in thursdays trainning match however with the docs still not giving the all clear it Aaron rodgers will just have to watch.

Will Aaron rodgers finally be ready to play next week or not? Or is Matt flynn starting to be the main player in the

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