Lance Briggs still unfit to play

The Chicago bears defense is struggling this season and after the recent news that Lance Brigg still isn’t fit enough to play means the Bears will continue to struggle.

Lance Briggs linebacker for the Chicago Bears has recently told the Chicago sun times that he still isn’t fit to play for the bears again after injuring and fracturing his shoulder. Briggs told the newspaper that on Tuesday doctors assess his shoulder injury and didn’t clear him to play because the injury isn’t fully recovered. He did add however that he will see the doctors again to reassess his shoulder in a few days… But as Briggs has been out of play for 7 weeks even if he did recover in time for the bears next game on Sunday against the Cleavland Browns it would be unlikely that he will be able to play at his best.

Lance Briggs has been recovering from a fractured shoulder for quite while now, it was first thought that Lance would only miss 6 weeks but it has been 7 weeks out of action now!

The bears have played 6 games with Briggs out watching from the sidelines and it is evident that the Bears defense is lacking as in those 6 matches they have allowed 1, 220 yards rushing which is pretty poor.

The bears have got the offense to deliver a win on Sunday but to win a game you gotta have at least some sort of defense at least and with a huge gap in the bears defense the Cleavland Browns can pick at this weakness and score without much resistance.

The Bears desperately need Briggs in this coming match, but if Briggs did recover would he be able to play as good as he used to we all know after a injury players are more cautious and like the confidence to make a serious tackle when needed plus Briggs has been out for so long what if he is a little rusty?

We will find out in a couple days again if Bears is fit enough, but even if he is it doesn’t necessarily mean a win for the bears?

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