Wade Phillips Texan head coach next season?


Should wade Phillips get the permanent coaching position at the Texans? There is a mix feeling from Texans fans, some fans are wanting Phillips to stay arguing that he has done good this season and the team are used to him and trust him, whereas other fans argue that the Texans need change and a new face and new ideas to get the Texans on top next season.

Wade Phillps reckons he is up for the job…..

Wade Phillips has taken over as the interim coach of the Texans this December. He says that he has ” a lot to offer”, and it is easy to see his point if you look at the stats and the amounts of wins he has managed to pull out of the bag in his career and with the Texans alone this season. It looks as though Wade Phillips wants to be a permanent Head coach for the Texans as when he was asked if he would like to go back to being the defensive coordinator he simply replied that if he answered that question he wouldn’t be offered the head coach job.

The owner of the Texans McNair has also came out and said that Wade Phillips is in a strong position and could get the permanent coach job. But Phillips has competition as there are other favorites for the job too including Lovie Smith the coach for the Chicago Bears, David Shaw the Standford coach and not forgetting Ken Whisenhunt who is the offensive coordinator for the San Diego chargers.

If Phillips can deliver this season and get the Texans to finish in a good position then this will strengthen the argument for Phillips to pick up the permanent coaching position so it all really relies on Phillips proving himself at the end of this season.

What do you think?

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