2011 ufl draft

This is the ufl 2011 draft.

You may or mayn’t be surprised to know that the Hartford Colonials Jerrys glanville has selected Jerrod Johnson as quarterback for the colonials making it  the first selection in the ufl draft.
Jerrys glanville added upon selecting the quarterback that “The ufl is all about second chances and we want to give a couple young players a second chance who may have missed out in the nfl a second chance here in the united football league instead!” he also said how because Jerrod had gotten injured in the run up to the nfl drafts the colonials wouldn’t have been able to get him as the nfl would have picked him up.

He also went on to say “When the United football league starts we will have a amazing quarterback with lots of talent, energy and one that can run, throw deep and very hard to take down.”

In this third annual united football legaue draft we have 52 picks made by 5 ufl teams this season, The selections this year have been widely talked about helped along by them being announced via twitter. Nebraska and Oregon were the first to make their first selections and announce them the twitter social media website letting the fans know straight away.

Joe Moglia set the ball rolling for the Omaha nighthawks by choosing a very inspired and talented corner back fro the night hawks side Reynaldo Hill. who has already played for the nfl in 48 games for the Tennesse titans.

Hill said that “Im ready to start playing!” with great enthusiasm for the season ahead he said that he is ecstatic at being picked by the Omaha nighthawks and just cannot wait to get started and he a good player he just ran into a couple injuries that set him back but he is healthy now.

Moglia made a few other selections in this years 2011 draft which were much closer to home for him by picking 2 local players from Nebraska, Moglia was executive adviser for Nebraska coach Bo pelini for 2 years so Moglia was probably quite confident and knew these players quite well for him to pick them. The players were Mike smith and D.J jones.

Moglia said that “Mike will particularly benefit from the ufl!” saying that he due to injury has not had the oppuntunutiy to really showoff his skill and talent but the ufl offers him this second chance.

As you can see the UFL drafts give players a second chance at competing at pro level, players with skill talent and determination do not have to sit back anymore fully fit and watch the NFL on tv just because they missed their oppununity in the nfl drafts.

Draft Notes: In this years UFL drafts 43 schools were represented in the 2011.

Here is the full list of the drafts as they currently are. This list is expected to change and isn’t the final team list for the 2011 season.


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