Pre season draft 2009

Tonight we are proud to announce that the UFL is holding the first inaugural “premiere” season draft. The selections that have been made in this draft are from players that have already played in the UFL’s most recent trials which had been held in Las Vegas and Orlando. Each team made their selection of teams based upon these trials and they were allowed to pick up to 24 players from which they now officially “own” the right too in the UFL. The chosen players that have been selected by the teams will be contacted by the UFL to arrange official signings. The current list is expected to change as players have not officially signed the dotted line as of yet and may decline offers from teams.

The remaining player slots will be filled by players on the teams reserve list which will most likely be filled by second choices and new players that may become available in the future.

So here you have the UFL draft list for 2009!

ufl sheet-sport-football-lineup

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