What is plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciiits (PF) what is it? Well it is something that a lot of football players never want to get.. who would really? As it is causes really bad arch pain and if you end up with it could mean you that might not be able to play for a number of games or in some bad cases of plantar fasciitis it may take some months to fully heal up meaning you could miss a whole season. Unlucky for football players, is that PF is a very common injury in football!

Plantar fasciitis=inflammation of the arches of your feet simple as that, but the degree of inflammation can range in severity.

Pronation is really important, if your feet over (high arches) or under pronate (flat feet) can put you at greater risk of straining the arches causing pains and PF because their is a lot more tension in the plantar fascia and the plantar fascia is less flexible and less able to cope under strain and pressure than normal pronating feet. Pronation can be a little confusing see this article for a more in depth explanation.

If you are suffering from arch pain chances are you might be suffering from planar fasciitis especially if the arches of your feet hurt the most just as you wake up and take your first steps of the day this is because the plantar fascia the tissue that makes up your arch of your foot and carries your feet will be much tighter in the mornings and thus more sensitive it is also when the plantar fascia is tight like this that damage and inflammation of the plantar fascia is more likely so warm up’s and stretches to make the plantar fascia more flexible is needed before every physical workout… Usually it is when footballer forget or do not adequately warm up their feet before a game causing them to play with a tight plantar fascia that increases their chances of getting PF because the tissue that makes up the plantar fascia is less flexible and more susceptible to strain and inflammation because of this.

Just doing warm up is isn’t enough sometimes. Your arches are put under a lot of strain especially in sports when your are running and jumping around causing lots extra shock and pressure that can be harmful to your feet and cause inflammation so what you need if you are playing sports like football is to make sure that you are wearing a good pair of shoes which either have arch support and shock absorption added to them.. if not you can always buy some insoles and add them into your football shoes as well. You can buy shock absorbing, gel insoles which will all so adapt and mold to your feet to reduce pressure on your heel and other sensitive areas of your foot where pressure can build up. You maybe wanting to buy some wooly or soft insoles to keep your feet warm when playing football out in the cold but this isn’t the best idea as soft insoles dont usually offer the rigid support and shock absorption your feet need and may in fact cause more problems. Good insoles should help with balance and should restore your bio mechanics of your feet.. bad bio mechanics can cause problems such as bunions. Insoles can also be used as a way of treatment to help with recovery and speed it up as you take some of the stress and strain off your feet if you decide to walk whilst recovering even though it is not advisable, in the later stages of recovery and you want to get back on your feet again using insoles is a good idea.

Many great footballers alike have succumbed to plantar fasciitis when they really could have easily avoided this condition if they took the right steps in preventing it (sorry for the pun couldn’t help it).


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