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    I am 4 weeks now in to my recovery of my umbilical hernia op and was just wording if anyone has also had this op?

    My surgeon said I will be good to start football in 6 weeks’ time but a friend of mine what’s a GP she said 6 months and its left me a bit confused,

    If you have had this how long did it to you to get back to work and playing sports etc?,

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi, I’ve developed one of those, but it doesn’t bother me at the moment and I haven’t been to have it looked at. Did you have the op as a matter of course or was it bothering you? Were you told you should have it done?

    How long was the op?

    Sorry I can’t help with the other stuff

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      I had one done years ago, wasn’t big(small bulge 1-2cm) or painful and I had lived with it for years. I mentioned it in passing at the docs when there for something else. I was referred straight away and specialist said they fix it as soon as a non emergency gap appeared. They said it won’t heal itself and there is a risk of circulation being cut off to it, tissue dying, infection, septicemia . So they never leave them. The op was under a general, but quick.

      Op. Recovery was quick. If wearing a harness doesn’t hurt etc.. you’ll probably be fine. Just go steady for a few session and see how it feels.

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      Hello bud,

      my op was about 30-35mins long and was in and out in the day,

      It was more discomfit then pain but I did not want it to get worse,

      I got an ultrasound just before I had to leave to go on holiday and was told it was a 4-5mm umbilical hernia and that I could play football but just keep an eye on it,

      When I got there, I did not feel like risking so I spent the 5 days just chilling in the van and doing some walking etc.,

      When I got back I decided to have the op as I would like to get back to climbing and I did not feel right playing football with it,

      Had to wait for 6 months to have the op and now it’s just recovering so not played football in 7 months and its killing me 🙁

      Hope this helps

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