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      I have changed our mattress having gone to Bensons for Beds (Im from the UK not USA) and gone on their sleep station machine or whatever its called. They said I needed a 4 or 5 rating (5 being the hardest mattress and 1 being the softest). People make the mistake with sciatica of lying on too soft a mattress or put those quilted mattress toppers on top of their mattress to make them feel better.

      I have been on a nerve pain tablet called Neurontin aka Gabapentin. I take this three times per day. I wake up in the morning and feel pretty naff but its only down the one side of my buttock and leg so its not as bad as it could be. This started after I somersaulted in the air and landed on my back from about 6ft in the air.

      Its horrible suffering from sciatica but I feel like my symptoms are being managed at the moment to a degree. I hate the tablets I take, but really know about it when I try to extend the time between taking them.

      Also echo what others have said about pilates. Also about weight loss too.

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